Computer Tech 2019

Keynote Speaker

The Keynote speaker is Eddie Branch, the President of the NW Florida Mac Users' Group and adjunct instructor at NWFSC. The title of his talk is Augmented Reality: What It Can Do For Me Today, and it will begin at 8:00 in the cafeteria of the NWFSC Student Services Center, Bldg. 400 (see map).

Special Guest

Our special guest this year is Bob Gostischa from Avast Software, Avast Security, who will be giving two classes on “Protecting your digital life” and “If it's connected it needs to be protected.”

Event Highlights

The event also include 35 classes on a variety of Apple, Microsoft, Linux, and nontechnical subjects for Beginners to Intermediate to Advanced users.

Registration (requires a $5.00 entrance fee)

Registration will be at the door and will consist of an e-mail check-off of each attendee's name and e-mail address on our existing list, or the addition of your name and e-mail address if it is not on our list. Each attendee will also be charged $5.00 (cash only) to cover facility fees charged by the college.


Class sessions include topics on devices and apps from Microsoft, Apple, Mac, and Linux. There are also sessions on tech and non-tech subjects such as life skills, photography, Minecraft, computer security, etc.

The following links show information about the schedule, flyer, and sessions for the 26 January 2019 Expo:

Biographies of some of the presenters are available here (or select the item on the menu on the left).

Details of the event day (including campus map, building opening and entry, and lunch) are available here.


Contact Tom Browder ( if you have trouble downloading the PDF schedules.