Computer Tech 2019

Event Day Details


Here is a map showing the location of the NWFSC Niceville campus.

The Student Services Center (SSC, Bldg. 400) is where the classes are located. The SSC is also the registration site plus it contains the large gathering area (the Raider Cafeteria). Here is a link to a map of the NWFSC itself. It is not clear from the map, but the SSC building has three floors. A room diagram for the first and third floors is available here.

Getting Started

The Student Services Center (SSC) will be open for registration no later than 7:30 AM. Please register and pay the $5.00 entance fee as soon as you enter the building. Don't forget to bring a copy of the schedule (Windows/Linux/Other and Apple/Mac/Other) with you. The keynote presentation is at 8:00 AM, so make sure you allow time for registration.

Parking is available to the west and south of the SSC (see the areas marked 'P' in red on the campus map).

Those entering from the main entrance on the west side will be entering on the second floor. There should be a registration desk there. Then you will descend the stairs (or take the elevator) to the first (ground) floor where the cafeteria and main gathering room are.

Those entering from the ground floor on the east side must register at the desk to the south of the stairs.

There will be door prize drawings at the end of the day, so be sure and keep your tickets. In addition, there will be a separate raffle for which tickets must be purchased after registration.

Vendor and club tables will also be on the south of the stairs--please visit them. They have provided some rent and volunteers for the event. The event now costs $5.00 per person for entry. We do have costs we have to pay such as insurance and building services (rent) from the college. Donations are very much appreciated, and there are a couple of donation boxes on the ground floor.

Classrooms are on the first (ground) floor and the third floor (an elevator is available). Restrooms are available on all floors.


There is not much time for lunch, but there will be pizza and soft drinks available in the SSC cafeteria area for a modest price (buy tickets after you register). There is also a Starbucks in the Learning Resources Center (Bldg. 500), and a Subway available in the Bookstore (Bldg. 410).

Door Prizes

At the end of the day, drawings will be held in the cafeteria for door prizes and the separate raffle.