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Browder, Tom; 850-830-8078 (M)

Tom has been working with computers since his cadet days at the USAF Academy. A graduate of the Class of 1965 (the 7th graduating class), Tom piloted the F-4-C/D/E for 1,000 hours and the F-111F for 2,000 hours. During that period he fiddled with computers as a hobby, first acquiring one of the first portable 4-banger "portable" digital calculators and following that with TRS-80, Atari, IBM PC-286, and loving it! After retiring, Tom went to work with a defense contractor and got heavily involved in target vulnerabilty analysis and project management, and programming was a big part of the job. He became a Perl fan in 1993, about seven years after it was introduced to the world just prior to Christmas of 1987, and used it heavily for data post-processing, automatic document generation, and creating tools to aid his team of vulnerability analysts who used the DoD Open Source ray-tracer, BRL-CAD, for their analyses.

After retirement, he continued to work on Open Source Software projects, mainly BRL-CAD, until he discovered in 2015 that the Perl 6 team was about to release the first stable version to the world, and he's been hooked on that language ever since! Now he is helping improve the Perl 6 Rakudo compiler and documentation, and he was designated a core developer in the spring of 2018. Tom is assisted in his Computer Tech sessions by his wife, Missy, a degreed elementary teacher and keeper of classroom discipline (primarily to keep Tom on track and on time!).

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Eustis, Jim; 850 499-6699

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Lofstrom, Carl; 850-586-0603

President and founder, South Walton County Computer Club. Founder, Computer Tech Expo.

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McGinnis, Cynthia; 850-729-6028

Ms. McGinnis is a math professor at NWFSC, as well as a certified personal trainer and Karate sensei. Ms. McGinnis has an M.A. in mathematics with a minor in art. At the college Cynthia teaches Calculus, Algebra, and Statistics. Early in the morning you will find her motivating students in her morning fitness classes though the continuing education department. Cynthia's varied educational background allows her to engage students by focusing on individual student motivations and interests. Her Math Art has been shown at the Joint Mathematics Meeting in Atlanta and Bridges-Connection between math and all art forms.

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Poplock, Hewie; 407-797-5700 (M)

Past VP APCUG, Past President CFCS.

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Rankins, Tolliny, Th.D.; 850-855-0319;

Instructor, Certified Life Coach and, Consultant. Available for Corporate, Personal, or Group Coaching.

Tolliny Rankins is a Certified Life Coach, Consultant and Adjunct Professor. Tolliny has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, owning and partnering in several successful businesses. She has her Th.B. and Th.M. in Christian Theology. In 2015 she completed and received her Th.D. in Christian Theology from International Miracle Institute (Pensacola, FL). She is passionate about empowering others towards their destiny. She provides a great mixture of practicality, wisdom, and humor in her sessions. She believes in teaching, training, and motivating others to actively engage in life by being “Resilient.” She loves to take the ordinary and bring out the extraordinary, especially in those destined to become leaders. Tolliny focuses on purpose, passion, and empowerment. She demonstrates that one should lead by example and in doing so they become the epitome of Servant Leaders. She has been honored to serve as the Keynote speaker or Mistress of Ceremony for prestigious organizations such as Graceful Hands, Sister4Sister, Friends of Destin Library, and the Progressive Black Women Coalition of Escambia County.

As a life coach who gives cultural diversity lectures and who works with nonprofit and for-profit organizations as well as one-on-one clients, she is becoming known for conducting life changing personal enrichment seminars. She also conducts leadership and entrepreneurial workshops with teens along with her impactful coaching sessions. She’s experienced as an Adjunct Professor at Northwest Florida State College in the Florida panhandle where she has taught her original courses pertaining to life enrichment with a zeal for greater personal development, and she has also taught her courses for The Center for Lifelong Learning at the University of West Florida Ft. Walton Beach campus. Although we live in a society where people strive to be anything, her motto is “Don’t forget to be yourself,” and she specializes in authenticity and self-awareness. With a love for cruising vacations, Tolliny enjoys traveling nationally and internationally as well as spending time with friends and family. She has strong personal values in her faith and is passionate about the restoration of marriages and families, life-changing teaching in personal prison ministry, and empowering young adults in inner city areas. She is the founder of “Visits with Rodney,” a nonprofit organization that strengthens and uplifts spouses and children who have incarcerated loved ones. She loves volunteering at local organizations for children (she’s a local favorite as story time reader for children at Barnes and Nobles) and adores her beloved Hugs and Kisses prayer ministry with seniors at Brookdale Assisted Living Facility in Miramar Beach, Florida. Tolliny and her husband reside near the beautiful sunny beaches of Destin, Florida.

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Strickland, Marc; 850-855-0319

Marc considers himself an amateur genealogist. He graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelors and received his masters from Oklahoma University. He has been doing genealogy since joining The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in 1965 (12 years old). He served a church mission in Northern Italy (1973-75). He grew up in Arkansas and Oklahoma listening to his parents, grandparents, and great grandparents talk about his family. In addition to genealogy and family history work, Marc started doing oral histories with his mother and has done several oral histories of elderly neighbors and friends. He teaches genealogy and family history-related classes at the Niceville Family History Center. Marc retired from the United States Air Force as an Air Battle Manager and later as a defense contractor. He is married to the former Linda G. Luster. Together they have 9 children and 28 grandchildren. They live in Niceville.

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Walker, Billy; 850-862-5819

Co-President of the Center for Lifelong Learning (CLL).

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